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    The documentation says how to manually upload demo content but the “import.zip” that comes with the theme fails – message error is:

    Sorry, there has been an error.
    This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number

    Can you assist?

    Thank you.



    …also the documentation refers to a file called import/demo.xml that does not exist



    ok so I finally got the Main Demo to import … but the manual instructions still need attention … referring specifically to the documentation: import/demo.xml (its incorrect as I stated before)

    love the theme … but the documentation is a bit lacking … although, the demo content does help alot with “how to” but only if you are experienced …



    … and another problem … trying to upload new icons:

    Couldn’t add the font.
    The script returned the following error: Wasn’t able to work with Zip Archive

    can you please assist with these listed problems? or refund?



    – “import.zip” that comes with the theme fails
    this is an archive (*.zip). You need to unpack it.

    – We can help you upload the archive with icons. Write us your login, password, link to your site, link to this topic crazyshrimp13@gmail.com
    The problem may be in the file size limit on your server.

    Thank You

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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