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    hello sir.
    there are some bug/error especially in header section

    1. header in the home page for header appearance looks great, but when it comes to single post with full width image style, i don’t know how to describe, but the image weird.

    this is the website link; http://onetrip-asia.com/3-best-vegetarian-restaurants-in-yogyakarta-2289.html
    this is the screenshot link https://ibb.co/mu1k28

    2. my visitor are mostly from mobile device, but i found that there are several problem about header in mobile appearance
    2.1. we can from the screenshot below there is too much space between the logo and first content appear in most of the page except for 2.2. issue. how to make space between menu thinner on mobile device? it will be fantastic.

    here is the screenshot link https://ibb.co/ddWhX8

    2.2. just like issue 1., the problem appears also on single post with full width image style in mobile appearance. the image somehow overlapping the menu, but different from issue 2.1., the annoying part –too wide menu space– appear above the logo. if i can fix this problem, it would be fantastic.

    here is the screenshot link https://ibb.co/iX485T

    thank you
    best regards



    we sent you the latest version of the theme. reinstall your theme and check it again.
    Thank You



    thank you, it looks perfect on desktop device. but i found same problem still appear when i access my site on mobile device.

    the size of header is somehow inconsistent
    1. this is header menu appearance on home page
    2. this is header menu appearance on single post, menu header somehow overlapped by featured image fullwidth style
    3. this is header menu appearance on single page which have same appearance with home page
    4. this is header menu appearance on category/blog feed

    is it possible to make header menu looks proportional and thin in mobile device?, so the content will appear more in screen rather than unecessary blank space just like this



    try to select the first style for the header
    Thank You



    Hello ! =)
    I’ve encountered some issues with the header(s) too lately, and I just don’t know what to do…

    The website is : https://sopyrenees.com/
    Theme version : Voyager 2.4 using child-theme
    I’m using header type 9 (the last and thinner one)

    There are several things that seem not to work, and that’s pretty curious because yesterday morning evrything was just fine, and then suddenly in the end of the day I completely lost control without doing anything particular (a priori).

    1- Logo, main-nav and social icons are not aligned anymore and when I make the window smaller, the social icons don’t collapse under the main-nav like they used to (it’s like they were now two different entities that just don’t want to work together)
    2- Search icon is here but it just doesn’t seem to work on desktop (I click and then nothing)
    3- Fixed sidebar icon just disappeared (maybe it went out of the screen…?)
    4- Megamenu sub-menus aren’t aligned to the main container (center of the page, like they used to), they tend to get out of the viewport by the right

    I didn’t activate any plugin so far excepted Feed them Social and required plugins, anyway it worked just fine until yesterday (“all my trouble seemed so far away đŸŽ¶”).

    Also when I try other headers, new kind of problems appear and some disappear. For example, fixed panel icon comes back and search icon works again, but header becomes scrolling (with fixed-height) and sub-menus get behind the main slider (which just looks and acts great by the way !).

    I hope I managed to make myself understandable, and you will be able to help, thanks so much.

    (P.S : All these symptoms seem to have occurred more or less at the same time)



    I just found one of the menu items (without any sub-items) was in “Mega Menu” mode, and that is what caused some of the issues I encountered.

    Problems n° 1, 2 and 3 seem to be solved, but my sub-menus still don’t fit to the main container.
    Here is a screenshot that will probably speak for itself : http://bit.ly/2Bujg4M.

    Thanks again.



    1. try adding this custom code to Theme Options -> HTML Blocks

    body.header_type9 .header_wrap > .logo_wrap, body.header_type9 .header_wrap > .text-right{width:12%;}
    body.header_type9 .header_wrap > .text-center{width:76%;}

    4. try the mega menu items to put first in the menu.
    Thank You



    Thanks for the snippet, it helps a lot !

    So as my sub-menus are concerned :
    – the first one is ok : http://bit.ly/2N6SIrO
    – the second one isn’t : http://bit.ly/2OMu2oG

    And it’s getting worse if I make the next items mega menus, yet, it works just fine on the demo : http://bit.ly/2nQ0mvv

    I’ll try not to make too many mega menus, but the way we designed our navigation will require at least 3 of them so that’d be great if it worked properly.

    Thank you again



    The width of the mega menu is the same (1170 px). In the second there are not enough posts.
    Tested with only one mega menu. maybe you’ll need a more plugin for this?
    Thank You



    I tried with some posts in it, but it’s quite the same. If I only put one mega menu (wherever it is : 1st, 3rd or even 5th position), it works just super fine.

    I found a pretty good example on this forum, this site’s menu is quite similar : http://sugarushblog.com/destinations/

    – First item «Destinations» have posts and sub-menu fits well : http://bit.ly/2wiaDV8
    – Second item «Vegan Lifestyle» don’t have posts yet but it seems to be working though : http://bit.ly/2nQ0mvv

    Sorry to insist, but I do really need this to be working 😬

    Have a nice day !



    Here use the first style of the header



    Okay, sub-menus are getting better (I put 3 of them just to make sure it’s ok), but it’s not totally that yet : http://bit.ly/2Pwqzvy

    Should I use the snippet you gave me previously, and use it with «body.header_type1» ? Like :

    body.header_type1 .header_wrap > .logo_wrap, body.header_type1 .header_wrap > .text-right{width:12%;}
    body.header_type1 .header_wrap > .text-center{width:76%;}

    Thanks ! =)



    Yes. try to insert this custom code

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