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    How do I change the height of the header? I want my header logo to be smaller and need to adjust the header height as well.



    are we talking about the Top Menu style?
    try adding this custom code to Deamercy Options -> General -> CSS Code

    header.header-top .header_wrap{padding-top:15px;padding-bottom:15px;}

    Or you can try to make the logo image not so high
    Thank You

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    Thank you, that code worked. I’d also like to add a “Single Album – Grid 3 Col” page, but there are no “Single Album” pages to add in the demo? All demo pages are available to add except those single album pages.



    I’m also having issues with the following…

    1. Menu Header Font – I go to typography settings to change the menu header font. I can change the font style but the font size and weight won’t change. I also saw in the Documentation under “Menu Creation” that there’s an option for styling menus but I see no such option?

    2. Drop-Down Menus – The drop-down menus have too much blank space. I’d like to have equal spacing between sub-menu items and Main Menu items.

    3. Non-Page Menu Item – I have 2 sub-pages ‘Photo’ and ‘Video’ that I have under the Main Menu item ‘Gallery’. I don’t want ‘Gallery’ to be a page though. I just want to be able to hover over it to reveal the sub-menu, just like the deamery demo does.

    I appreciate your time! Thank you




    0. after importing the demo content there is this page “Single Album – Grid 3 Col”
    Settings for the Single Album Page should be selected inside the album
    or add a Single Album to the menu item?
    Please specify what exactly did you mean?

    1. the documentation is common to all our themes. it describes the general capabilities of the settings. Individual theme features we discuss on the forum.

    2. add this custom css code to Deamercy Options -> General -> CSS Code
    header.header-left .menu-primary-menu-container-wrap .sub-menu li{padding-bottom:0;}

    3. add “Custom Link” menu item

    Thank You

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    0. Great, thanks.

    1. Ok

    2. header.header-top .menu-primary-menu-container-wrap .sub-menu li{padding-bottom:0;} That code didn’t work, it’s still the same. Also, I have to go to Customize in the “Appearance” menu and then click on “Additional CSS” to paste the code. There is no “CSS Code” under Deamercy Options or in General. Sub-Menu-Screenshot

    3. Great, thanks.



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