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    Hey there, I enjoy this theme but im pretty bummed out that when I purchased it there is no content builder ( I know it wasnt listed, I guess im just used to that being the standard )

    That being said, is there really no way to implement the templated areas on page within the WYSIWYG? Id ideally like to have content above and below the template areas, and have them be customizable by the end user without having to know how to edit template files.

    For example if I want to build a page as follows (Listing areas from top to bottom

    – Header (doesnt need to be in WYSIWYG)
    – Custom Slider
    – Custom Intro
    – Your themes masonry blog
    – More custom text area
    – Some other theme template
    – Footer (doesnt need to be in WYSIWYG)

    My concern is it seems like I can only place content ABOVE the page options that are listed in the back end. I hope maybe Im misunderstanding and you can help me accomplish this in a way that will be user friendly and not require someone to know code to edit the custom areas above and below your templates.



    you can only create a page using the Page Setings.
    So we can give you a Visuals Composer plugin, if it’s so easy for you.
    Thank You

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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