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    Hello, I am using Landyland.
    When I upload a site logo it’s never sharp and clean, it re-sizes and looks fuzzy and blurry.
    I would prefer just to use text at this point.
    So my question is how can I modify the website title without changing all the page titles?
    I want to website title to be separate and controllable by itself. I have tried to add my own custom CSS however, it is not working.
    Here is what it looks like now (default) –> https://imgur.com/a/B5M065f
    Here is what I want it to look like –> https://imgur.com/sbZgTbn
    Or how do I get the image logo to stop re-sizing itself after I upload it? I want a sharp clean, crisp logo for the site as this is the first thing people see. Thanks.



    There is no additional css which changes the size of the logo image http://puu.sh/AoEv8/b5edd041b2.png
    Write a link to your website so that we can see the site code and solve the problem.
    Thank You



    Link: http://www.burkebryant.com
    Thank you.



    You can try changing the code.
    landyland/framework/theme_functions.php lines 69-75
    this code http://puu.sh/Arwp8/82e0338ec5.png
    replace with this one

    echo '<h2><a class="logo" href="' . esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ) . '">' . get_bloginfo( 'name' ) . '</a></h2>';

    Thank You

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