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    The GRPR Compliance is a pain in the a**. It seems that there is the need to use Google WebFonts on my own server to not get into troubles with privacy regulations.

    So my question: what do I have to change that e.g. the Google Webfont “Oswald” can be used from a file on my server?

    What I have already done: downloaded the font and converted it into all needed formats. I also uploaded the font-files into the “fonts” subdirectory inside the voyager theme. What else has to be done that this font will be loaded locally from my webserver?

    I think there must be some CSS to be changed to use this font instead of Google version. Can you help me please?

    Thanx a lot



    here you can find a way to connect your font Using font face
    Also in the files (voyager/style.css and voyager/css/theme-style.css) you need to change the default font to your.
    The most difficult, replace the parameter (font-family) with your at the file (voyager/framework/css-js.php).
    Thank You



    Hmm, thanx a lot for your help! Looks a bit too tricky for me.
    I think I’ll wait to see how these rumors about fonts and the GRPR thing end.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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